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Free coaching tool for more insight

In this bizarre Corona time, in which we are detached from our daily routine, it is very helpful to also take a moment for yourself. As a coach, I have created this worksheet for you to help you exactly with this. To take a step back in this situation. Answering these questions will help you understand what you need in this moment, and which steps you want to take towards your dreams and goals. Helping you to experience more flow in your work and life.

Outlining your current and ideal situation makes it easier to work towards your goals.

Where do you stand, and what is your ideal situation?

Take a moment for yourself to reflect on your current situation, your study and life as it is now. Hopefully you manage to be mild to yourself in this as well, and realize that the current Corona situation is really different than normal.

Suddenly you are working completely at home, and instead of having a good concentration place at home, chances are that you are distracted to some extent: because the server is overloaded, your internet connection not optimal, because your housemates are suddenly also at home all day or because you are on your own all day, and you may also experience stress from the current Corona crises. All of this certainly affects your concentration and flow in your work. Out of our normal routine, is what we certainly are.

Yet in these moments, it is beneficial to reflect on what is possible, and what makes your work and life meaningful. For this, take a moment for yourself to answer the following questions.

Do you not have an immediate answer to a question? No problem, skip the question first to let it sink in, or talk about it with others to get more insight (How do you see this for me? How is this for you?).

English coach tool - for students:

Free coach tool - Groeiflow
Download PDF • 1.88MB

English coach tool - for employees:

Free coach tool employees - Groeiflow
Download PD • 1.88MB

Dutch coach tool:

Gratis coach tool - Groeiflow
Download PDF • 1.88MB

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